Tournament Sanctioning Policy

Section 1 - Policy and Guidelines

The primary goal of this document is to ensure that safety standards are met as well as to provide governance for standards to all sanctioned Taekwondo tournaments within the Province of Manitoba.

The scope of this policy is for Taekwondo tournaments that are conducted in the province of Manitoba and are recognised by Taekwondo Manitoba 2009 incorporated. Herein referred to as TM. This document will outline the following:

  • Tournaments which require a TM sanction
  • Requirements and process for obtaining such sanction; and,
  • Obligations and responsibilities of both the Host Club and TM once a TM sanction is granted

This document is the TM policy and guidelines for tournament sanctioning. The purpose of this policy is to:

  • Ensure safety guidelines and competition standards are met at TM sanctioned tournaments;
  • Ensure fair, safe and equitable play at TM sanctioned tournaments;
  • Enhance participation at, and credibility of, TM sanctioned tournaments;
  • Provide a mechanism for event data collection as required by TM

These terms will have these meanings in this policy:

Tournament: A tournament refers to the gathering of participants for combative hand and foot competition, which require adherence to TM Rules and Regulations, and shall be categorized as one of three types:

Category A
World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) style tournaments
Category B
International Taekwondo Federation (ITF) style tournaments
Category C
Global Taekwondo Federation (GTF) style tournaments

Medical support Team: For the purposes of sanctioning, a medical support team must consist of a multi-discipline medical crew adequate to safely administer treatment for the number of competitors present at the tournament as defined in this policy. Medical staff must be easily recognisable from the crowd.

Evaluation Procedure: The Tournament Sanctioning Committee has the authority to grant or not to grant the sanction. This decision is based on the evaluation of the current application. The Committee will review the application, which must be filled out in full. The information included in the submission must be adequate enough for the Committee to make an informed decision on the tournament with the assurance that the safety and fair play guidelines will be respected by the Host Club and risks are managed. The criteria for sanctioning are described in Sections Two and Three of this policy. A full set of Competition rules to be used must be presented to the sanctions committee thirty (30) calendar days prior to the tournament.

Risk Management and Safety Guidelines: The Host is responsible for ensuring the safety of the participants and the public at sanctioned tournaments. The areas of concern for the safety of all participants, volunteers and the public are as below, but are not limited to:

  • Location
    • The site is easily accessible; with clearly marked and unobstructed exits (the site meets and abides by any local building and fire regulations).
    • Proper ventilation and temperature control
    • Crowd control
    • Adequate sanitary washrooms and change room facilities
    • Competition areas must have WTF style mats and be a minimum of 6x6 metres for colour belts or 7x7 metres for Poom and Black belts.
    • Alcohol will be prohibited for sale or consumption at any Sanctioned Tournament.
  • Medical
    Must attend for the duration of the event. Minimum medical per sanctioned tournament will be two (2) persons.
  • Referees
    Qualified referees and judges are required for safety, fairness and consistency. Each competition area must consist of at least two current certified referees as determined by the TM referee chairperson. Certification of Referees and judges shall be in accordance to the Taekwondo style of tournament requesting sanctioning (WTF, ITF, GTF). Names of the above referees and credentials must be submitted (1) one week prior to the tournament to the Tournament Sanctions Chairperson.
  • Competition
    • Competition area occupied by the competitors, judges and referees is unobstructed by non-competitors.
    • All competitors wear mandatory uniforms and equipment according to TM rules.
    • No jewelry of any kind allowed. (exception: medical alert)
  • Divisions
    For fairness and to avoid injury, divisions should be structured according to rank, age, weight and gender.

Mandatory Equipment and Uniforms: For all TM sanctioned tournaments, all uniforms and equipment worn by participants must be standard Taekwondo uniforms and equipment specific to either WTF, ITF or GTF.

Additionally, the following list is the mandatory minimum equipment for TM sanctioned tournaments regardless of style.

  1. Head protector
  2. Trunk protector (Hogo)
  3. Mouth guard
  4. Forearm guards*
  5. Shin guards*
  6. Groin protector*
    Note: Protective gear indicated with the (*) is to be worn inside the uniform.

Coaches: Coaches must adhere to a dress code specific to WTF, ITF or GTF.


Section 2 - Application for category A, B, or C Tournament Sanction


  • A sanction will not be given if an event is within 13 calendar days of an already sanctioned event in the same region and of the same discipline (WTF, ITF. GTF)
  • Current rules of the Taekwondo style noted in the application will be observed. Any modifications will require the written approval of the TM Sanctions Committee and may be subject to an additional fee.
  • WTF styled matted rings are mandatory with dimensions as mentioned in section 1.
  • Proof of medical as in Section 1
  • Host clubs which have at least (10) ten members in good standing registered with TM at the time of sanction request will be granted a $150.00 discount from the sanction fee.
  • The Host Club shall pay a honorarium for officials and Medical Support Team, according to the TM Fee and Honorarium Schedule.
  • In the event of a serious accident or injury, an injury report form will be completed by the Medical Support Team, and filed with TM within 14 days of the event.
  • Referees required as noted in Section 1.
  • TM suggests that the Host Club provide water and lunches for the care and comfort of the volunteers, officials and Medical Support Team, and a lunch room for officials.
  • Proof of liability insurance for the duration of the tournament must be submitted to the Sanctions Committee with the application.


  • Category A: $350.00
  • Category B: $350.00
  • Category C: $350.00

Once a sanction has been granted by TM, the Host Club is authorized to use the TM logo and the words, "Taekwondo Manitoba Sanctioned Tournament".

The official Taekwondo Manitoba banner must be displayed in a prominent area of the venue, visible to spectators and participants for the duration of the tournament. (a fee of $250.00 will be applied if the banner is not returned within (5) five calendar days to a TM board of director.)

It is the responsibility of the Host Club to manage all operations of the event sanctioned and to provide the workforce needed for a successful event. Taekwondo Manitoba, by means of sanctioning is only granting the use of their name and logo for the dates applied for and to ensure that safety measures are followed.

Date Adopted: 2014/11/29

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