Clothing Policy

Purpose of this Policy
The purpose of this policy is to describe how Taekwondo Manitoba will make official authorized clothing available to members, athletes, coaches, and the general public, and to designate authorized use of the name, logo, and brand on clothing.

Authorized Use
No-one is permitted to create or distribute clothing displaying the Taekwondo Manitoba name or logo or brand or the wording “Team Manitoba” (when clearly used referring to taekwondo) in any way except as made available by Taekwondo Manitoba.

General Availability
Taekwondo Manitoba may provide doboks, track suits, t-shirts, and other clothing options to the general public. All publicly offered products should be at some profit to Taekwondo Manitoba, at the discretion of the board.

The clothing made available to the general public will not show "Team Manitoba", but will show "Taekwondo Manitoba".

Availability for Team Members
Team members will be offered designated clothing for "Team Manitoba" that will not be offered to non team-members. The wording will be "Team Manitoba" instead of "Taekwondo Manitoba", although the same official logo will be used.

Where possible, Taekwondo Manitoba will subsidize the team clothing for team members.

Athletes who have represented Manitoba in a prior year's national competition and are returning for a second consecutive year are eligible for clothing subsidy, subject to available budget.

First time team members may be eligible for clothing subsidy, subject to available budget.

Team members receiving clothing subsidy must participate in at least one tournament per year run by Taekwondo Manitoba, or a Taekwondo Manitoba referee training event, unless granted exception for reasonable grounds by the board.

Team members must attend national championships and must successfully weigh in within their weight division in order to qualify for funded clothing.

Team Manitoba Representation
Team Manitoba members are to wear the Manitoba dobok, track suit, and team jacket (each item if/when provided) at all National level competitions where the team members are representing Manitoba within Canada. Team Manitoba clothing is to be displayed rather than club clothing at national events in Canada where the team member is representing Manitoba.

Clothing Subsidy
Subject to available budget, Taekwondo Manitoba will provide one (1) dobok per year for qualifying athlete team members.

Subject to available budget, Taekwondo Manitoba will provide 1 track suit or jacket for qualifying athlete and coach team members, and will replace this track suit or jacket only when it is no longer wearable by the team member.

In the event that Taekwondo Manitoba has additional funds available in the clothing budget, it may be decided to provide doboks and/or track suits to team members who are attending nationals for the first time.

In the event that Taekwondo Manitoba is not funding any clothing during the budget year, Taekwondo Manitoba will facilitate the ordering of doboks as well as either track suits or jackets for the team at the team's own discretion and expense.

Taekwondo Manitoba will make every effort to find the best possible purchase price, most convenient delivery, and ethical manufacturing and distribution of all clothing provided. The purchase price will be negotiated from time to time with a vendor approved by the board.

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