Taekwondo Canada Grace Period Extended to May 31

Taekwondo Manitoba has confirmed with Taekwondo Canada that there will be a 30 day grace period for Sections 18 - 21 in the National Membership and Participant Policy. This Policy Grace Period ends on May 30, 2014. There will be more information to follow after the NSO/PSO meeting to be held in Toronto, ON.

On May 22, 2014, Taekwondo Manitoba was notified by Master Tony R. Nippard, Chairman of Taekwondo Canada, that Taekwondo Canada has accepted our request to extend the grace period regarding the new national membership policy from May 30 to May 31. Those in Manitoba wishing to particiapte in the Iron Fist Taekwondo Club Challenge on May 31 can do so without risk of repercussions.