Bingo Policy

The Taekwondo Manitoba Association receives support through a funding agreement between the Provincial Government and the Manitoba Lotteries Corporation. This support requires the Taekwondo Manitoba association to provide volunteers to work at bingos held at Club Regent Casino and McPhillip Street Station Casino. This policy outlines the process used to designate volunteers and distribution of the funding received.

Purpose: To ensure that Taekwondo Manitoba remains a Manitoba Lotteries Commission Bingo participant To ensure that Taekwondo Manitoba is meeting both Sporting Manitoba’s and the Lotteries Commission’s reporting measures, terms and conditions To provide a fair and equitable process for bingo distribution and sharing of revenues To identify suspension measures when volunteer commitments or reporting requirements are not met.

Eligibility: All individuals and Taekwondo Manitoba Program participants must be both national and provincial members and in good standing with the association - as defined in the bylaws

Taekwondo Manitoba Organizing and Special Projects Committees may apply for bingos

A club may apply to the association for inclusion in the bingo rotation provided the club has met the following criteria:

Club entities must have been registered for 3 years consecutively, and must have 25% or more of its students on the current years membership listing

Interested parties and/or committees shall be required to complete a Bingo Application Form and submit it to the association on or before the deadline of February 1st for allocations in the upcoming Bingo Allocation Season (April 1st to March 31st)

A performance bond of $300.00 must be submitted with any club application. The bond will be deposited only when the club is assigned a bingo to ensure the club will attend. The bond will be refunded upon satisfactory completion of the event. Failure to meet these requirements will result in forfeiture of the bond in addition to other penalties.

Bingo Coordinator:

Taekwondo Manitoba will appoint a Bingo Coordinator to manage the rotation of committees, groups and clubs eligible to supply volunteers for bingos. The Bingo Coordinator will volunteer as the Chairperson at each of the bingos. The individual will hold a Term of two years from the date of the appointment.

Duties and Responsibilities Receive and confirm bingo notices from Sport Manitoba Advise the designate contact for each participant group of the location, date, time of the bingo session for the quarter. The notice will also be posted on the website

Ensure that six (6) volunteers and two (2) additional persons are on standby in case of “no shows” at an event. Ensure that all volunteers are 18 years of age or older and able to produce photo ID if requested by the Casino staff Track event activity and attendance of volunteers ( ensure each volunteer sings the sign-in sheets, collect the yellow copy and return it to Taekwondo Manitoba office immediately, assign replacement volunteers for anyone not signed in and ready to work 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the session) Contact Manitoba Lotteries regarding cash shortages and who was responsible Notify the Taekwondo Manitoba Executive immediately if a shortage of volunteers or cash occurs for any session Keep a log of suspension and reinstatements

Funding Distribution and Accountability:

Taekwondo Manitoba will be assigned a specific number of bingo dates to commit to annually as part of the Sport Manitoba Funding Agreement with the following conditions:

That bingo funds only be used to support the ongoing development of taekwondo in Manitoba

That bingo funds be spent according to the Sport Manitoba – Sport Umbrella Expenditure Policy.

Such items include: Sport Equipment (purchased or rented) Travel (covering cost of registration, transportation, meals and accommodations related to an actual activity or event. Only the expenses of the participants may be paid)

Special Projects ( expenses associated with a tournament, seminar or other projects) Facilities/Equipment (rental costs, facility upgrading, equipment purchases) Training expenses Coaches and Officials development Promotion

That any equipment purchased by members using funds raised through a Taekwondo Manitoba allotted bingo will become the property of the association if and when the member ceases operation of taekwondo related activity
Individual committees/groups/clubs will be required to provide receipts or photocopies of receipts for their expenditures and to account for bingo monies allotted to them and/or their members. Failure to do so will result in suspension, withholding of payments, or ineligibility for future bingos.
Bingo revenues are distributed as follows:

Taekwondo Manitoba will pay-out working groups within 2 weeks of receiving the funds from Manitoba Lotteries.

Taekwondo Manitoba and the working group will each receive 50 % of the share of the revenue for the event worked

It is important to note that not all Bingo sessions pay equally and are divided into three categories.
1. Evening Session
2. Matinee Session
3. Early/Late Session

Particular sessions granted are assigned by Sport Manitoba.

Cheques will be issued to the working group – minus any cash shortages incurred by the group’s volunteers.
The working group will be notified in writing if cash shortages occur and/or if penalties are being imposed.

Bingo Assignments are allocated as follows:
The total number of bingos spots assigned to Taekwondo Manitoba in each quarter shall be distributed among the participating committees/groups/clubs on a rotation using the following formula:

Taekwondo Manitoba Organizing Committee’s The Officials Group Taekwondo Manitoba Specialty Groups as identified by the Executive Committee (i.e. Para development) Club applicants (where the nature of the financial need/assistance emulates the mandate of Taekwondo Manitoba and where revenues are not used for operational costs or other means to generate for profit earnings)

Each working group will be given approximately 30 days notice that they have been assigned a bingo.
Working groups that choose to decline the opportunity will be passed by and will have to wait until the next time their name comes up in the order of the rotation before receiving another bingo

An infraction shall be considered a written report from Taekwondo Manitoba and/or Manitoba Lotteries Commission in regards to the behavior or absence of a volunteer while working a bingo or other non-compliance in regards to the bingo policy.

Penalties: On the first infraction of a volunteer being late (which is defined as arriving after the start of the volunteers beginning working on the floor) or absent – the working group will forfeit their share of the revenue for that spot(s) and a penalty of $ 50.00 A second occurrence will result in loss of revenue for that spot(s) , a penalty of $150.00 and the forfeiture of volunteering at bingos for the remainder of the current fiscal year
Suspensions: Individuals incurring cash shortages at a bingo session will be suspended from participation Any group who does not supply the correct number of volunteers at one (1) bingo will immediately be suspended from their next scheduled rotation session A second occurrence of insufficient volunteers in the fiscal year will result in the group being suspended for one full calendar year from the date of the second infraction Any group not submitting their annual financial summary by March 15th will be suspended from their next scheduled date
Should Taekwondo Manitoba be put on probation as a result of any infraction, the offending group will be suspended from working further bingos until reinstated by the Board of Directors of Taekwondo Manitoba

Revised by the Board Date: 2014-01-19

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