Code of Conduct Policy

Taekwondo Manitoba is committed to providing a sport environment, which is characterized by values of excellence, fairness, integrity, open communication and in which all individuals are treated with respect. Further, Taekwondo Manitoba supports equal opportunity and prohibits discriminatory practises.

Taekwondo Manitoba believes that membership and participation privileges comes with certain responsibilities and obligations, including but not limited to, complying with the Code of Conduct, policies, rules and regulations of Taekwondo Manitoba, and by affiliation Taekwondo Canada, and the World Taekwondo Federation.

These terms will have these meanings in this policy:

  • Code of Conduct: Basic rules and regulations that reflect the standard of behaviour which is expected of all Taekwondo Manitoba members and participants.
  • Disciplinary sanctions: penalties or sanctions identified within this policy which are applied to Taekwondo Manitoba members, participants who do not meet the standard of behaviour contained within the Code of conduct
  • Member: refers to all categories of members of Taekwondo Manitoba, as well as to all individuals engaged in activities with Taekwondo Manitoba, including, but not limited to, athletes, participants, coaches, officials, volunteers, directors, officers, team managers, team captains, medical and paramedical personnel.
  • Days: will mean total days, irrespective of weekends or holidays.

All Members of Taekwondo Manitoba and participants in Taekwondo Manitoba’s programs and activities are expected to conduct themselves at all times in a manner consistent with the values of Taekwondo Manitoba. Conduct that violates these values may be subject to sanctions pursuant to Taekwondo Manitoba’s Discipline Policy.

All members of Taekwondo Manitoba have a responsibility to:

  • Maintain and enhance the dignity and self-esteem of members and participants of Taekwondo Manitoba by:
    • Demonstrating respect to individuals regardless of gender, ethnic or racial origin, sexual orientation, age, marital status, religion, political belief, disability or economic status;
    • Focusing comments or criticism appropriately and avoiding public criticism of athletes, coaches, officials, organizers, volunteers, staff and members;
    • Consistently demonstrating the spirit of sportsmanship, sports leadership and ethical conduct and practises;
    • Ensuring that the rules of the sport and the spirit of such rules are adhered to.
  • Abstain from the non-medical use of drugs or the use of performance-enhancing drugs or methods. Taekwondo Manitoba recognizes the Canadian Policy on Penalties for Doping in Sport. Athletes must be aware that they are subject to drug testing at any time.
  • Refrain from any behaviour that constitutes harassment, where harassment is defined as comment or conduct, directed towards an individual or group, which is offensive, abusive, racist, sexist, degrading or malicious.
  • Refrain from any behaviour that constitutes sexual harassment, where sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome sexual advances or conduct of a sexual nature when submitting to or rejecting this conduct influences decisions which affect the individual, such conduct has the purpose or effect of diminishing performance, or such conduct creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment;
  • Comply at all times with the Constitution, Bylaws, policies, rules and regulations of Taekwondo Manitoba and by affiliation Taekwondo Canada, and the World Taekwondo Federation, as adopted and amended from time to time, including complying with any contract or agreements executed with Taekwondo Manitoba.

Additional Coaching Provisions
In addition to the above, Coaches will have a responsibility to:

  • Ensure a safe environment by selecting activities and establishing controls that are suitable for the age, experience, ability, and fitness level of athletes;
  • Avoid compromising the present and future health of athletes by communicating and cooperating with registered medical practitioner in their diagnosis, treatment and management;
  • Educate athletes about the dangers of drugs and performance-enhancing substances,
  • Accept and promote the athlete’s personal goals and refer to other coaches and athlete specialists as opportunities arise;
  • Communicate and cooperate with the parents/guardians of athletes who are minors and involve them in decisions pertaining to their child’s development;
  • Consider the academic pressure placed on student – athletes and conduct practices and events in a manner that supports academic success.

Additional Athlete Provisions
Athletes who have been selected to a representative team of Taekwondo Manitoba will have an additional responsibility to:

  • Report any medical problems in a timely fashion, where such problems may limit the athlete’s ability to train or compete;
  • Participate in all competitions, events or projects to which the athlete has made a commitment;
  • Adhere to Taekwondo Manitoba’s requirements regarding clothing and equipment.
  • Abide by all established curfews on trips.
  • Athletes shall not commit any act which would be considered an offense under federal or provincial law or the laws of the country in which they are traveling.
  • When traveling, athletes shall comply with decisions made by the coach or manager, or anyone officially designated by the National or Provincial association to assist the team.
  • Consult with Taekwondo Manitoba when arranging individual sponsorships (material or financial) to ensure no conflicts with Provincial association sponsors.

Individuals who are in violation of the Code of Conduct will be subject to sanctions as per Taekwondo Manitoba’s Discipline Policy.

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