National Membership Policy Update

Taekwondo Manitoba has reviewed the National Membership policy with Taekwondo Canada. As such, please be advised that membership can be applied for through the Taekwondo Canada website ( for both Taekwondo Canada and Taekwondo Manitoba.

Please note that in order to have access to Taekwondo Canada programs (referee seminars, tournaments, Global Athlete Licenses, etc.) the dojang must also be registered with Taekwondo Canada. Individual membership with Taekwondo Manitoba and Taekwondo Canada is required in order to participate in provincial programming. We look forward to seeing all members at the provincial referee seminars and the Winter Classic!

Download the National Membership Policy PDF

Good Luck to Manitoba!

This Sunday, Taekwondo Canada's team for the Pan Am Championships will depart for Mexico. The team includes Skylar Park, Isis Oro, Alicia Mortimer, Zachary Hiebert, Noah Salcedo, and coaches Kate Nosworthy and Jae Park. These athletes will compete Sept 20 and Sept 21. Good luck to all the athletes!!