Affiliate Member Policy

A goal of Taekwondo Manitoba is to develop a province wide regionally strong membership base to act as the delivery system for Taekwondo programs, events, training and communication in the province of Manitoba. This policy identifies the requirements for becoming an affiliate member of Taekwondo Manitoba.

Taekwondo Manitoba is committed to providing a sport environment, which is characterized by values of excellence, fairness, integrity, open communication and in which all individuals are treated with respect. Further, Taekwondo Manitoba supports equal opportunity and prohibits discriminatory practises. Taekwondo Manitoba believes that membership and participation privileges comes with certain responsibilities and obligations, including but not limited to, complying with the rules and regulations of Taekwondo Manitoba, and by affiliation Sport Manitoba/Sport Canada, Taekwondo Canada, and the World Taekwondo Federation.

These terms will have these meanings in this prolicy:

  1. Dan – a taekwondo practitioner who has been promoted to a Black Belt ranking
  2. Poom – shall mean child/youth degree of black belt issued to taekwondo practitioners 15years of age or younger.
  3. Color Belt/Gup - white belt to red belt with black stripe ranking
  4. TF - shall mean the World Taekwondo Federation
    1. Taekwondo Canada – the national sport organization governing body of WTF
  5. ITF – shall mean International Taekwondo Federation, must practice Chung Hun Taekwondo
    1. CTFI – shall mean the Canadian Taekwondo Federation International, the national governing body of ITF
  6. GTF – shall mean Global Taekwondo Federation, traditional teachings Grand Master Park Jung Tae
    1. GTF Canada – shall mean the Global Taekwondo Federation of Canada, the national governing body of GTF

Eligibility for Affiliate Membership
Any person actively participating in the sport/art of Taekwondo that has been a resident of Manitoba for a minimum of one (1) year, who at the time of application does not otherwise qualify for admission as a Regular Member and;

  1. Holds a valid ITF, GTF or WTF Dan/Poom Belt Certificate recognized by a national governing body or,
  2. Holds a valid ITF, GTF or WTF Color Belt/Gup Certificate recognized by a national governing body

Shall submit to Taekwondo Manitoba a complete application for affiliate membership, accompanied by appropriate fees and certification documents.

Membership Database
Taekwondo Manitoba will maintain a database of all Members in good standing. This database will be used to determine eligibility for all Taekwondo Manitoba sanctioned tournaments, seminars, training sessions, funding etc. for which membership is required.

Duty to Comply with Taekwondo Manitoba Policies and Procedures, Constitution & By-Laws
Affiliate members will be required to abide by the Taekwondo Manitoba Constitution & By-Laws and in particular, as it relates to membership, Article II including the bylaws concerning Withdrawal, Suspension, and Termination of Membership. In addition to the foregoing, with written notice, the Board of Directors may revoke the recognition of any Affiliate Member, which in the opinion of the Board of Directors, may be deemed to have acted in a manner the Board of Directors considers to be detrimental to Taekwondo Manitoba.

Failure to submit all relevant fees and documentation or contravening Taekwondo Manitoba policies and procedures will result in any or all of the following:

  • Refused participation in Provincially sanctioned events and tournaments
  • Refused participation in Nationally sanctioned events and tournaments requiring Taekwondo Manitoba approval
  • Ineligibility to host Provincially sanctioned events and tournaments
  • Ineligibility for any grants or subsidies levied through Taekwondo Manitoba or requiring Taekwondo Manitoba approval
  • Loss of insurance coverage via All Sport

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Affiliate Membership Application Form