Notice Of Meeting Rectification


Dear Manitoba Members:

A procedural error occurred at the September 11, 2016 AGM rendering the meeting legally invalid. All business transacted and resolutions adopted from that meeting may not be enacted, as the outcomes are void.

The organization must reschedule and conduct the 2016 AGM over, to correct the mistake.

In executing the rescheduled meeting, the following items are of importance:

  • The governance rules in effect are the 2015 Bylaws/Constitution
  • The proxies that had been validated will stand
  • The proxy option is re-opened for new and additional submissions
  • The 2016 nominee candidates validated will stand

Vice President: Kate Noswothy and Darryl Elyk

Treasurer: no nominee submission

Director at Large 3 vacancies: Evelyn Hoogerdijk and Brenda Camire

  • The nomination process is re-opened for new and additional candidates
  • Eligible voters include all persons on the current 2017 members list

Upon adjournment of the 2016 AGM, the Board of Directors will hold meeting to ratify business undertaken illegally during the period of September 2016 to date.

Immediately following, the 2017 AGM will be called to order.


Saturday, November 25th, 2017

Times: 2016 AGM at 1:00pm

            2017 AGM at 2:30pm


Sir William Stephenson Library

765 Keewatin St. Winnipeg, MB  R2X 3B9


2016 Meeting, Notice & Agenda

2016 Nomination Process

2017 Meeting, Notice & Agenda

2017 Nomination Process

Proxy Form

TKD MB Constitution Bylaws Revised - June 14, 2015


2017 Annual General Meeting - TBA

More infromation to follow...


Please review the below voters list, notify us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  if there are any errors or discrepancies.

2017 Confirmed Voters List
2017 Pending Voters List (requires proof of Kukkiwon)


Administration of Provincial Referees Policy (KYORUGI)

These regulations are to efficiently administrate the Provincial Referees Program of Taekwondo Manitoba and promote development of referees to the National level.

Overall administration of the Provincial Referees shall be made by the Taekwondo Manitoba Referee Chair. To be appointed annually by the Board of Directors.

Taekwondo Manitoba will grant qualifications as a Provincial Referee of Taekwondo Manitoba to those who have passed the prescribed examination at the Provincial Referee seminar conducted by the Taekwondo Manitoba Referee Chairperson. Members shall not seek certification from outside the province to be valid in Manitoba. Certifications from previous PSOs shall not be recognised.

Provincial Referee Seminar
The Provincial Referee seminar shall only be conducted by the Taekwondo Manitoba Referee Chairperson or his/her delegate.

Dress Code
All certified Taekwondo Manitoba Referees shall wear black pants, a crisp white shirt, Taekwondo Manitoba branded tie, and taekwondo shoes (white in color). Other Taekwondo Manitoba branded attire may also be worn on occasion depending on event at the discretion of the Referee Chair or delegate. This will be in effect for the duration of a sanctioned event.